Wild food

The benefits of sourcing your own wild food is knowing where your food has come from and that it is healthy, fresh, and free from growth hormones. Sourcing edible wild food also reflects a healthy environment in which the wild animals once lived and demonstrates a hunter’s understanding of nature’s cycles of when and what wild food is available throughout the seasons. 

Being able to eat what you have hunted is very satisfying and sharing food harvested from the wild with family and friends is a pleasure many of us enjoy. We recommend joining a hunting club where you can learn from other members or attend a workshop about how to prepare your catch safely and hygienically.

 Wine and Wild Food Dinner

To celebrate the harvesting and cooking of wild foods CHASA holds a dinner each year, with locally sourced wild food being the hero of the dish. The wild food is supplied by our members, with acclaimed chef specialising in using native Australian ingredients, Andrew Fielke, creating mouth-watering dishes. Each dish is complemented by matching wines, provided by Angove Family Winemakers. The dinner is a delicious feast and a fantastic opportunity to meet other modern hunters.

Check out the photos from our 2019 dinner.