Waterfowl Identification Test training – upcoming dates

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020

With the announcement of the 2020 duck season not too far away it is time to start thinking about those friends you have who might like to try duck hunting.

The first step in becoming a duck hunter is to gain your WIT (Waterfowl Identification Test). Without a WIT number you are not able to apply for a duck hunting permit here in SA or any other state.  

The WIT is part of the state government’s duty of care to the environment and an important safeguard for sustainable duck hunting. The WIT makes sure hunters spend time studying commonly found waterfowl so they can identify game and non-game species before they commence hunting. 

The WIT is a practical test where you’re given a short footage of a waterbird flying across the screen and then you have to correctly identify the bird. Passing your WIT is definitely something we all can achieve but for most of us it will require some study. Fortunately, excellent information is available. 

The Victorian Government’s Game Management Authority which manages the WIT process on behalf of all states has some great information for potential duck hunters to start learning how to identify waterfowls.

Face-to-face training sessions are also available to put you in good stead to pass the test.

Dates for WIT training and testing in Adelaide are listed below. Dates for other areas in SA will be announced in the coming weeks.


  • Thursday 6 February (Training)
  • Thursday 13 February (Testing)
  • Thursday 20 February (Training)
  • Thursday 27 February (Testing).

For more information or to book contact CHASA at admin@chasa.org.au or Rob West at westrc71@gmail.com.