South East fire affects ADA property

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020

Frank Halman from the Australian Deer Association reflects on the recent fires in South Australia’s South East.

Recently a fire took its toll in the South East of South Australia.

The South East Branch of the Australian Deer Association (ADA) is based within the region where these tragic fires took place, and in fact holds its own property of some 1500 acres in the fire affected area. Fortunately, the hut survived through some diligent clearing work surrounding it by a few hard-working members. Not so lucky were those in the region, whose many years of hard work, livelihood and sadly stock were destroyed.

According to the region’s local mayor: “The Keilira Bushfire was started by dry lightning on the morning of 30 December and subsequently burnt through some 25,000 hectares of valuable pasture. Whilst the losses are still being counted, the fire destroyed three properties, one being occupied and the other two being unused farm houses. Of equally significant impact, the fire destroyed approximately 2,000 bales of hay, hundreds of kilometres of fencing, up to 400 head of cattle and 3,000 sheep.”

Throughout the year, the South East Branch of the ADA partnered with landowners/properties in controlling numbers of deer in this fire affected area, and in appreciation of this partnership (and the work of all farmers in the region), the Branch have offered for a large group of volunteers to help with any tasks at any location to help rebuild the farms and communities, including donations of bales of hay.

It was by luck only that no one was seriously injured in the Keilira fire; however an emotional toll will linger.

By Frank Halman