CHASA and DEW Memorandum of Understanding signed

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2020

CHASA and the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in September last year with the aim to improve and protect biodiversity in South Australia’s landscape.

The three key objectives of the MoU are:

  1. pest animal management
  2. sustainable hunting of duck and quail
  3. habitat and landscape restoration.

Since the signing of the agreement, two meetings between the organisations have been held to discuss the following topics:

Protocols for ground shooting operational procedures

Scott Jennings and Carol Schmidt from DEW attended the CHASA meeting on 5 December 2019 to outline the protocols for ground shooting operational procedures for controlled field shooting of feral animals on public land, a process which is thorough to ensure a low risk status. Both SSAA Conservation and Wildlife Management and Australian Deer Association have attained the status of ‘Approved Volunteer Organisations’ to conduct field shoots on public land.

As the MoU progresses and new areas of public land are identified for pest animal management, both organisations will be key to reducing pest animals and should be considered as a key resource provider.

Land stewardship agreements over public land with strong hunter interest

Jim Godden and Tony Sharley met with several DEW staff on 17 December 2019 to discuss, amongst other things, areas of public land where hunters have a keen interest to be actively involved in wetland restoration and management.

Two areas were prioritised: Lake Hawdon North and Pike River wetland complex. In time other areas can be included.

Local hunters will be encouraged to become involved, with CHASA member organisations being key to coordinating hunter involvement.

If you are keen to be involved please contact Jim (0438 898 106) or Tony (0418 808 475) or email

Photo credit: Tony Lewis.