Creek system rehabilitation underway at Loveday

Sunday, Jul 7, 2019

The Sheepyard Creek system is being dug out on the Barmera Moorook Field and Game Association property at Loveday to allow better flows from the main River channel.

There are currently two permanent connections to the River Murray channel however only one is currently operational as the western Sheepyard Creek connection (west of complex) is choked up with reeds and has silted up.

The Barmera Moorook Field and Game Association together with the Department for Environment and Water is managing the Sheepyard Creek project which will remove silt and reeds from within the creek connection and re-profile its alignment so the site can be managed as two separate hydrological units. 

Expected ecological outcomes include:

  1. reinstating more natural patterns of inundation frequency and extent
  2. improved lateral connectivity and promotion of transport process (water, nutrients, biota) between the river channel, anabranches and wetlands.

If you would like more information and would like to get involved, contact Jim Godden on 0438 898 106 or email