2019 South Australian duck and quail seasons announced

Friday, Dec 21, 2018

Get ready hunters, dates have been announced for the 2019 duck and quail hunting season.

The Department for Environment and Water (DEW) have declared the duck and quail open season for the following dates:

Duck season opens on 16 March until 30 June.

Quail season opens on 16 February until 31 August.

Hunters will be restricted to eight ducks and 15 quail per hunter per day.

CHASA recently met with DEW and other stakeholders about the 2019 season and recommended a traditional February opening for duck season, a reduced bag limit of 8 ducks per day (inclusive of 2 Blue Wing Shovelers; although excluded for the opening and closing weekends), and 20 Stubble Quail.

We are therefore surprised and disappointed by yesterday’s announcement of the restricted season length, no Blue Wing Shoveler and 15 Stubble Quail. You can read CHASA’s response to the announcement.

For all the details about the 2019 hunting season visit the Department for Environment and Water’s website.

Remember all duck and quail hunters in South Australia must have: