Duck and quail open seasons

The 2020 duck open season closes at sunset Sunday 31 May 2020. Please note there is no quail open season for 2020. 

All hunters are reminded to follow government guidelines on social distancing.

There are duck and quail hunting seasons each year in South Australia where hunters are permitted to take specific species.

The duration of the seasons and the type and number of species that can be hunted is managed by the Department for Environment and Water.

To hunt duck and quail during an open season, hunters must:

For information about the duck and quail open seasons, including what permits are required visit the Department for Environment and Water’s website.

Hunting report cards

To help determine the sustainable hunting guidelines for future hunting seasons CHASA has initiated a hunting report card to collect information on the type and number of waterfowl species that are bagged during the open seasons. The results are collected each year and given to the Department for Environment and Water.

To provide your open season’s data please download the hunting report card and send it to us so we can forward it to the department (your personal information will not be given).

Modern Hunting Guide

Modern hunting in South Australia – A guide for responsible and sustainable hunting aims to grow our modern hunting community and keep hunters and intending hunters informed about hunting opportunities, hunting seasons and modern hunting practices

The guide provides an overview of hunting laws in South Australia, as well as advice on hunting safely and conserving the environment in which you hunt. It also includes several recipes from our Wine and Wild Food Dinner chef, Andrew Fielke.