Modern hunting

Modern hunting is about respecting the natural environment in which we hunt and ensuring the species we hunt are sustainably managed. As modern hunters we are skilled and responsible and work together to contribute to:

Hunting in South Australia

South Australia has plenty of hunting opportunities, from being surrounded by nature and sourcing your own wild food to helping control the devastating impacts some feral animals make to the environment.

Hunting in South Australia is managed by the Department for Environment and Water and is based on the best available science and input from all stakeholders interested in hunting. 

Whether you are hunting for pleasure or pest management it is essential to understand your responsibilities. There are several restrictions in place to ensure hunting is sustainable, ethical and managed for the long-term.

The following animals are permitted to be hunted in South Australia:

It is important to note that specific species of duck and quail can only be hunted during hunting open seasons. Find out more about the duck and quail open seasons.

To find out what permits you may need to hunt in South Australia visit the Department for Environment and Water’s website.

Modern hunting guide

CHASA has launched the first comprehensive guide to modern hunting in South Australia. Modern hunting in South Australia – A guide for responsible and sustainable hunting aims to grow our modern hunting community and keep hunters and intending hunters informed about hunting opportunities, hunting seasons and modern hunting practices.

Download a copy of the guide or contact us for a hard copy.