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The Conservation and Hunting Alliance of South Australia (CHASA) aims to preserve and promote, in a respectful way, the rights of hunters to participate in sustainable hunting.

We work with hunting organisations and the South Australian Department for Environment and Water to restore wildlife habitats, guide hunting seasons, develop hunting education, and ensure wildlife is only hunted at sustainable levels.

We are modern hunters – we love the environment, contribute to a sustainable future and enjoy harvesting healthy wild food. By working together to build respect and understanding for our hunting communities and surrounding environment we can all enjoy the benefits that hunting brings for generations to come.

Hunting is a traditional activity that has been practised for centuries in many countries including Australia. We understand that some people are opposed to hunting and we respect their feelings. However, we believe with a modern philosophy we can lead the way for hunters to continue this tradition sustainably and conserve our precious environment.

Foremost in our minds is the knowledge that in our busy society today, modern hunting enables us to slow down and connect to the environment which maintains our wellbeing. It is a vital ingredient in our mental health.  

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